Monday, October 16, 2006


Blogged from Colombia

Brian Smith from the Carfree USA Blog

Posted from the spot about how it was to visit the VI WCFN Conference in Bogotá.

First, "Blogging from Colombia" tells the whereabouts of the author.

Then he talks about "Developing a Culture of Sustainable Mobility"

"As activists, politicians, planners, and bicycle huggers from around the world gather for Towards Carfree Cities VI in Bogotá, Colombia we are blessed with an amazing climate for creative thinking and organizing." (...)

And finally, the great experience of bicycling through Ciclovia. "Mira, Papi! Muchos Gringos!


Thank you to Colombia and the wonderful people here who are showing the world how inequality in mobility can be fixed with a firm commitment to transporation justice and for acting on the belief that public spaces, lively plazas for the community to gather, and car-free pedestrian zones are the building blocks that create civilization.

Viva Colombia! You have so much to teach the so-called "First World."

Real nice! Keep up the great work. Good work. Enjoyed the visit!
- i
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Thanks for the info, very much appreciated. Its a little to digest but will keep reading.
- 5
spaghetti alla carbonara
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